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About Us

Al Bahria Services is a leading provider of technology driven technical maintenance and cleaning services.

The right environment is vital to the success of any organisation. It plays an important role in making sure your people are happy and safe and your operations are productive and cost-effective. At Al Bahria, our experienced teams will deliver solutions to bring your buildings to life to help your people and business achieve their objectives.

We will manage technical and soft services on your behalf, continually maintaining your portfolio and seeking ways to reduce risks and costs. Your organisation can concentrate on its tasks, knowing we’re working to ensure your buildings are safe and comfortable while your impacts on the environment are minimised.

Al Bharia has a proven track record in a number of sectors supporting both the transition of new buildings through practical completion into successful facilities management operation, and the maintenance and upgrade of existing facilities.

From the moment a building is occupied our customer-focused solutions for the management and maintenance of facilities and building services provide total reliability for day-to-day operations.

We understand that when operating in complex or business critical environments, it is essential that our service model reflects both the use of the building and the people within it.

We recognise that flexibility is key and have systems and processes in place to respond to changes in occupier’s trends and asset performance in order to optimise service delivery.

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