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Hospital Cleaning

Hospitals and the Healthcare Industry

The potential of HCAIs  (healthcare-associated infection) and the need for significant levels of flexibility in service delivery, means that cleaning providers have significant responsibilities. So do hospital and healthcare administrators. One HCAI could not only destroy lives, but also destroy the business reputation of medical professionals and organisations alike. We know this and we work to protect and deliver the standards you require.

We Know What You Need

Dubai Healthcare professionals expect a great deal from their cleaning contractors. And rightly so!

Hospitals and medical facilities are not your typical work space. It is not only the emergency department that operates in a triage scenario. Due to competing priorities, a lack of space and resources, and most of the money going straight to where it belongs: paying its professionals to take care of their patients, the tender is usually challenging.

Hospitals need commercial cleaners who can perform high quality work, in a short and flexible time span and at a fair price. Al Bahria Building Cleaning Services does just that!

We know people’s well-being is on the line in medical environments, so proper cleaning is crucial for Healthcare, Hospitals & Clinics.

We can provide the most advanced and scientifically validated cleaning methods and equipment available. 

It is vital that your medical environment is clean, disinfected and sterilized at all times. We have the training needed to work in these critical environments and we use the most advanced, scientific cleaning methods and equipment available. We establish comprehensive cleaning programs customized to your needs to maintain a healthy and safe environment for patients and staff.

What we can do for you:

  • Infectious disease and sterilization protocols specific to healthcare environments/Hospitals/Clinics.
  • Detailed measurement and mapping of operating procedure using software designed specifically for hospital and healthcare environments.
  • Microfibre technology in all cleaning cloths and mopping programs increasing soil/matter containment and removal.
  • HEPA multi-filtration high-efficiency vacuuming technology and electrostatic dusting
  • Strict colour-coding methodologies to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Detailed pandemic contingency planning.

We at Al Bahria Services will deliver:

  • High quality work.
  • Careful and strategic use of chemicals and equipment to help, not hinder, your environment, staff and patients.
  • Experienced workers who have the skills and motivation required.
  • Flexible work methods and timing variability.
  • Genuine care for your patients.
  • A fair price.

Where we can help:

  • Operating and emergency rooms
  • Outpatient and long term care facilities
  • Medical laboratories
  • Patient rooms
  • Wake-up rooms
  • Physical therapy facilities
  • Surgical rooms
  • Healthcare centers
  • Ambulatory care reception areas

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