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Industrial Cleaning

Best Industrial Cleaning in Dubai

Al Bahria Services provides a comprehensive range of professional industrial cleaning services to companies, abattoirs and food processing plants throughout United Arab Emirates. In your plant or industrial facility, clean floors, restrooms, surfaces and common areas look nice and help create a positive and safe environment. It’s important to clean properly, kill germs and help reduce illnesses that can sap productivity. With office cubicles, conference rooms, labs, locker rooms, loading docks, warehouses and a variety of flooring types, manufacturing facilities benefit from an industrial cleaning company that uses the most efficient commercial cleaning technologies.

Average is fine for height and weight, but not for industrial cleaning services. If your current cleaning company is leaving your space only kinda clean, then it’s probably time to move on. Many are large facilities with work on a grand scale, and we don’t miss a nook or cranny.


Our clients have reported big, positive changes when switching to Al Bahria Services.


 Al Bahria Services got the unique skills and specialized equipment to ensure professional cleaning results in industrial environments.

Systematic Approach

You know that a systematic approach to operations – one that standardizes processes – helps produce consistency in results. We do, too. That’s why Al Bahria’s detailed service program for industrial locations establishes the exact cleaning, supervision, inspection, training, equipment, and material protocols necessary to service each area of your facility. Our detailed work processes break down each deliverable into discrete work tasks, each with their own step-by-step procedures and associated quality benchmarks. Work-loading assigns specific staff members and tasks to be completed per segmented work area and schedule. Quality assurance processes validate service results.

We match our programs to your business cycle. We adjust staff scheduling to accommodate your workflow, adding staff for peak times, and scheduling deep-cleaning work for when it will least impact your business activities.

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