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Office Cleaning

How healthy is your office work-space?

We can tailor the service to meet your particular needs.

From the boardroom to washrooms and individual offices, a clean working environment is important for the productivity and morale of your office. It is also critical for the professional image of your company to present organized, well cleaned headquarters.

At Al Bahria Services, we are a dedicated cleaning service with a keen eye for details and the same reliability you require from your staff. Each job is inspected thoroughly by a trained supervisor so you know you are getting the best possible cleaning on ever single visit.

Al Bahria Services will create a schedule that fits your offices cleaning needs and budget. Al Bahria Services gives your place of business a clean, professional look that will impress your clients.

We train our staff to clean with a consistent attention to detail. That’s way, we can give you the same high quality service every time. The same fully trained professional office cleaner is normally assigned for each cleaning.

Our focus is ensuring that your workplace looks clean and is healthy whilst taking into consideration your budget.  By working with the right products in an efficient manner we are able to deliver a superior clean providing you with a happier, healthy more productive workplace.

We can schedule the service either before or during your office hours. Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedules are available.

Our basic office cleaning package includes the following details.

  • Clean and sanitize desks and tables
  • Clean and sanitize kitchenette and bathrooms
  • Clean glass tables and mirrors
  • Dust shelves, windowsills and blinds
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop hard floors
  • Vacuum carpets
  • Vacuum furniture
  • Empty and re-line trash cans
  • Restock paper and supplies
What we can do for you:
  • Daily janitorial and sanitation
  • Disinfection and sterilization
  • Furniture and upholstery cleaning
  • Carpets and floors cleaning
  • Floor stripping, polishing and waxing
  • High dusting
  • Light fixtures cleaning
  • Spring cleaning
  • Industrial stain removal

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