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Electrical Services Dubai

Both Residential And Commercial Electrical Systems Such As Backup Power Generators, Electrical Outlets, And Sockets, Electrical Panels, Lighting And Security Systems – Need A Regular, Ideally An Annual Custom Of Maintenance.

Unfortunately, many homeowners and business owners simply ignore this necessity at their own peril and get a malfunction or a power outage…

Also when right in the middle of July’s heat you get stuck with a broken AC and not cool air to make your day livable, the issues that caused it may vary greatly.

This may easily happen due to a malfunctioning filter, drain lines, outside units, simple overheating or just the old age of the air conditioning unit.

But regardless of what the specific reason of failure is, we are sure we’ll be able to fix it!

Al Bahria Services offers a full range of Electrical and Automation services. Al Bahria’s team of Electricians, Engineers and Technicians can undertake your full scope of Electrical works from CAD Design, Installation and Maintenance of your project.

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